Membership Account Options: Engaged vs Passive Income

The membership account can be adjusted from Passive vs Engaged.
Passive is great if you are unable to use the goods and services you would receive by being a member of our homestead.

Passive Income Strategy: You don’t use or receive any of the products or services. You receive your profit-share payment quarterly.

Engaged Member: Although you’ll still get profit payouts, they may be reduced to compensate receiving products and services.

Generally it is better to have your account in “Engaged” status, as the value you will receive is greater.

For example:
A passive membership may receive $125 at the end of the year.

An engaged membership may receive $75, but have received $50 worth of materials.

However, that $50 isn’t the value of the products if they were purchased at the store.

Realistically, you could receive 20 different seed packets, which cost us pennies to produce but retail for $3-$5.
If you are able to use and want seeds, that is effectively $80 in value. It might also include 100 grams of dried lions mane powder, valued at $15 – but again this is a product that we can produce much cheaper than it retails for and would be sharing it with you at our cost.

Other such products might include an 8oz Jar of Sheep Tallow which costs us very little to produce but retails for $22.50 on Amazon.

A CSA Box could easily have only $10 in “material cost”, and cost another $20 to ship, but the products you would receive could approach $118, all while still receiving $75 in profit share.

Often times what we produce and what we can sell will not align perfectly: it is easy to produce far more seed packets in a single year than what will sell in several years. Instead of having inventory go bad, it is added to the CSA Box.


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