The Homesteading Manifesto

Homesteading Manifesto: A Call to Reclaim Our Lives, Families, and Freedom

In the spirit of defiance and self-determination echoed in the crypto-anarchist manifesto and “Industrial Society and Its Future,” we present the Homesteading Manifesto – a clarion call to reclaim our lives, reconstruct our family units, and re-establish our connection to the land and nature.

I. The Emancipation from Exploitation: Homesteading is our rebellion against a system that exploits and alienates. We reject the false narrative of progress that has led to increased dependency, erosion of family values, and the degradation of our health and environment. Homesteading is not just a lifestyle; it’s an act of taking back control. We champion a life where families thrive through exercise, consumption of nutritious, unadulterated food, and a return to genuine quality in our lives.

II. The Breakdown of Natural Social Dynamics: We acknowledge how modern systems have intruded upon and distorted natural social dynamics. The sacred exchange of value within families and communities has been overshadowed by a profit-driven agenda. Our manifesto recognizes the disintegration of the continuous family entity, where mutual support and intergenerational synergy have been replaced by isolation and financial burdens.

III. Restoration of the Family Unit: We advocate for a return to the harmonious family unit, where three generations coexist, supporting and nurturing one another. In our envisioned world, grandparents contribute to child-rearing, parents engage in meaningful work without the guilt of neglect, and the elderly receive care from their kin, not as a financial burden but as a natural family responsibility.

IV. The Economic and Social Toll of Modernity: We denounce the current system’s role in fragmenting the family, leading to ineffective and taxed external services like childcare and elderly care. This not only imposes financial strain but also exposes our children and elders to values and systems that may not align with our familial ethos. Our manifesto emphasizes the insidiousness of these transactions being taxed and controlled, reducing the value passed down through generations.

V. The Homestead as a Sanctuary of True Value Exchange: In our homesteads, we seek to revive the discrete exchange of value within family units, untaxed and unmediated by external forces. We envision a community where childcare returns to its natural setting, where the upbringing of children is a familial joy, not an outsourced chore. We see our elders aging with dignity among their loved ones, not as customers of a faceless industry.

VI. The Homestead as a Bastion of Freedom and Self-Sufficiency: We strive to create homesteads that are self-sufficient, producing our own food, managing our land, and living in harmony with nature. This is not a retreat from society but a reconstruction of it on our terms. Our homesteads are schools of life where children learn the value of work, land, and community.

VII. The Economic Model of Our Homesteads: Our economic model is designed to be sustainable and equitable. We reject the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of well-being. Our model includes profit-sharing from diverse homestead operations, ensuring that every member of our community benefits from our collective efforts.

VIII. The Call to Action: We call upon those who resonate with these ideals to join us. This is not merely an investment in land or livestock; it’s an investment in a way of life that respects the earth, cherishes family, and values freedom. Let us build together a network of homesteads, a community of like-minded individuals, and a movement that ushers us towards a healthier, more connected, and free way of life.

In this manifesto, we lay the foundation of our movement, inviting all who share this vision to join us in creating a new paradigm – a homestead revolution.