Plan for a Decentralized Network of Sustainable Communities

Expanded Homesteading Manifesto: The Game Plan for a Decentralized Network of Sustainable Communities

Building upon our initial Homesteading Manifesto, we now lay out a strategic game plan to actualize our vision of interconnected, sustainable homesteads, drawing inspiration from the principles of “The Network State“. This plan is a roadmap for transitioning from a singular, community-funded homestead into a global network of self sufficient living spaces.

I. Digital Community Formation and Ideological Alignment:

  • Step 1: Establish a robust online platform to unite individuals who share our homesteading values and vision. This digital community serves as the foundation, similar to a “network union”, where collective goals and values are defined and shared.
  • Action: Utilize social media, dedicated forums, and virtual meetups to build this community.

II. Building Trust and a Sustainable Economy:

  • Step 2: Foster trust and camaraderie through regular virtual and physical meetups. Concurrently, develop a homestead-centric economy, potentially using cryptocurrencies, goldbacks, barter or precious metals for transparent and efficient resource allocation.
  • Action: Organize local and regional meetups, workshops, and webinars. Explore and integrate digital currencies or tokens that align with our sustainable and self-sufficient ethos.

III. Crowdfunding and Establishing Physical Homesteads:

  • Step 3: Transition from online interactions to creating physical homesteads. Use crowdfunding to finance the acquisition of land and development of sustainable homesteads in diverse geographic locations.
  • Action: Launch crowdfunding campaigns, identifying and acquiring suitable land, and beginning sustainable development.

IV. Interconnecting Homesteads into a Network Archipelago:

  • Step 4: Digitally connect these individual homesteads, forming a decentralized but cohesive network. Each homestead acts as an independent node yet is part of a larger, interconnected community.
  • Action: Develop a centralized digital platform for communication, resource sharing, and collaborative projects between homesteads.

V. Expansion and Diplomatic Engagement:

  • Step 5: As the network grows, seek recognition and support from local governments and communities, enhancing the network’s legitimacy and influence.
  • Action: Engage in community outreach, establish partnerships with local entities, and pursue formal recognition where feasible.

VI. Sustaining Ideological Integrity and Decentralized Governance:

  • Step 6: Maintain the core values and principles of the network through decentralized governance, ensuring that each homestead contributes to and upholds the collective vision.
  • Action: Implement democratic decision-making processes within the network, and regularly revisit and reaffirm the founding principles.

VII. Long-term Vision and Continuous Growth:

  • Step 7: Continuously assess, adapt, and grow the network. Explore new technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative community structures to keep the network dynamic and resilient.
  • Action: Regularly evaluate the network’s impact, explore new sustainability technologies, and adapt to changing environmental and social dynamics.

This expanded manifesto serves not only as a guide for our homestead network but also as a call to action for those who wish to join this movement. By following this strategic plan, we aim to create a global network of homesteads that are not only self-sufficient and sustainable but also deeply connected, both digitally and ideologically, forming a new model for living and community-building in the 21st century.