Homestead Club Membership: Limited Offer for Sustainable Living Enthusiasts

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Join our exclusive Homestead Club with a $500 one-time fee, limited to 400 members. Enjoy profits from farm and Airbnb ventures, land access, CSA boxes with farm products, insider content, and the option to resell your membership. Embrace sustainable living and community success.

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Price: One-Time Membership Fee: $500

Availability: Only 400 Packages Available

Overview: Join our Homestead Club with a one-time membership and become an integral part of a sustainable living community. This is more than just an investment; it’s your entry into a world of organic farming, eco-friendly living, and a chance to share in the success of a thriving homestead.

Package Features:

  1.  Profit Share from Homestead Operations:  Your membership entitles you to a share of profits from our livestock, small dairy operation, Market garden, seeds farm and greenhouse ventures.
  2.  Profit Share from Non-Agricultural Ventures:  Enjoy a share of profits from our airbnb rentals, YouTube ad revenue & sponsorships, and any other venture we may execute, such as educational classes; Cheese making, Mushroom Cultivation, etcProfit Distribution Example: Assume total operations result in $100,000 profit. 50% of this, or $50,000 is shared to the members.  One membership is equal to a 0.125% share, translating to $125 in profit per year per membership.
  3. Shared Access to Land and Rental Units: Experience the tranquility and beauty of the homestead firsthand. Your membership grants you access to our land and rental units. If experiencing hands on operations of a homestead intrigue you this is a great opportunity; Come up and we can show you the process of milking sheep and goats, slaughtering and preparing an animal, make cheese, or numerous other things upon your request.
  4. CSA Box: By owning a membership you get access to a CSA box filled with frozen meats like lamb, duck, or quail. Artesian Cheeses, Jerky, Eggs, and Vegetables.  Fresh, organic, and straight from our farm to your table.
  5. Exclusive Insider Content: Get an up-close and personal view of homesteading through exclusive content on platforms like YouTube and Patreon. Witness the challenges and triumphs of sustainable living from the very start of it.
  6. Option to Sell Your Membership: Your membership is yours, which means you can sell it. The value may increase or decrease with our successes and failures.  Should you choose to pass on your share of this exciting venture, you have the option to sell your membership on the market.

Why Join?:

  • Limited Availability: With only 400 memberships, this is a unique opportunity.
  • Sustainable Impact: Contribute to and benefit from eco-friendly living.
  • Potential for Growth: As the homestead grows, you have potential to benefit from profit sharing and the goods and services we offer.


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